estate agency wants to do a credit check

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Post by neil277 » Sun Mar 30, 2008 9:40 pm

My wife and i looked at a new flat today, 10 years old? but the estate agency wants to do a credit check on my wife and myself, this would come back as a bad debt for me but not my wife.

How do people from the fourm get around this system its a very nice flat and the price is very good for my family, i'm in an IVA but will go BR WITHIN 3 MONTHS.

I have to travel to my wife's country very soon and will have to tell the County Courts. I have spoken to my friend who works in westminster and he explaiened to me that this is a family issue and if there is any problems, he in turn will draft a very strong letter to the courts if i have any problem.

My wife feels that they no my problem and i was honest with this guy, i'm going BR what can i do?.

This website is very good.

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Post by chris.g » Sun Mar 30, 2008 9:48 pm
Well Neil, I think the obvious thing I would do is put the tenancy in your wife's name only. Failing that you could be upfront with the agency and see what they say. They may well ask for a larger deposit to offset any risk. You will have to inform them when you file br anyhow incase there is any small print in the tenancy agreement.
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