guide on what to say to creditors !

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Post by bagpuss » Sat Sep 29, 2007 10:46 am
When i was going for my IVA as many of you will have or are experiancing, you have phone calls that seem like they are from satin himself.

I was given a list of anserws to give to those creditors who rang with threats and demands and it helped me so much to know what to say.

I dont have that list anymore but do remember a few and hoped that some of you could add to this so as to help those who are getting or going to get those phone calls.

Now most importantly you dont have to say anything to them other than give them the name and telephone number of you IP and advise that you are seeking to do a IVA, but sometimes its good to be armed with answers for those who just push and push

a few i remember are......

Creditor...are you telling me you cant even afford to pay us £1.00 per month

Me...yes i could afford £1.00 per month but you are not our only creditor...we have 11 creditors and if i paid you £1.00 per month i would have to pay them £1.00 per month also and thats £11.00 and that i cant afford. I cannot pay you something without paying the others creditors something.

Creditor...We will default you and this will effect your future credit rating.

Me...Thats fine, we have no intrest in further credit so this wouldnt effect me.

Creditor...We will do an attachment of earnings.

Me...I beleive that for you to do that would mean going through a court and that could take upto 15 weeks to which time we will have already been accepted for our IVA and already paying you a fixed amount per month, so this would be a waste of the courts time.

(now this one i aint 100% sure off, i am going by memory but i am sure it was something like that)

There are lots more but i cant remember them all now...this is where i am hoping that some of you may be able to help. Also to just remember that if you insist that they contact you by post (that you can then forward to your ip) and not by telephone anymore then they should do just that...if not then it can be classed as harrasment..and they can get done for that.

I really hope that this helps someone as i know that for me the phone calls were one of the worst parts, some were just so threatening and you just think they know more than you so they muct be right, they aint. I was shocked that most of them said "whats an IVA"
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Post by maxdebt » Sat Sep 29, 2007 12:27 pm
Thanks Bagpuss. I had considerable hassle from creditors on the phone and I handled it badly to begin with( feelings of guilt,embarrassment etc) I have copied and pasted your post and I will add my experiences to it once things settle down.
My thanks to Melanie and her team :)
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