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1) How to add your IVA start date and postcode:
Your postcode and IVA start date can be set in your 'profile edit' screen:

2) What is the Frugal Friends Map?
If you add a postcode to your profile, you will appear on the frugal friends map, which is here:

3) Can I add other forum members as 'frugal friends'
Simply go to your profile edit page and select who you would like to have as a frugal friend. They will appear on your profile page and also they will be able to email you direct.

4) How do i pass on my details to someone that I want to contact by email?
-Go to your profile edit page
-Add the person to your frugal friends
-Tell that person via the forum that they are now a frugal friend and that if they visit your profile page they will get the option to email you direct. (The reason for this slightly protracted process is to protect peoples privacy).

5) Why should I add the IVA start date?
If you add a start date then whenever you post it will automatically say: 5months done, 55months to go (or whatever is appropriate).

Hope this all makes sense!

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