Possible Promotion/Need for Car Insurance

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Post by MoSH » Thu Sep 26, 2019 7:15 am
I’m currently heading towards a promotion in work which will see me with a 10k pay rise annually before bonuses. Though before I can apply for this promotion I have to be driving to ensure I can get to and from the change of location.
When I took out my IVA I wasn’t driving so no car cost/insurance cost was factored in to my outgoings.
I’m a new driver and I know insurance companies will check my credit file before accepting me.

So my question is, should/can I take out the insurance on a car without notifying my IP(CreditFix) or should I contact them first and explain why I require the insurance now before I technically get the promotion?

(Luckily been gifted a car from my brother)
(High chance of promotion due to demand of experience and relationship with higher ups)


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Post by Foggy » Thu Sep 26, 2019 11:51 am
I would be inclined to chat it through with CF before doing anything. Though, to be frank, I cannot see the need to actually instigate any insurance before knowing that you will be getting promoted.... You can drive and a car is sat on the tarmac, waiting. Insurance can be arranged in minutes, over the phone --OK, in your situation it might take a few phone calls, but you can get quotes up front, ready to accept if and when you get promoted.
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