PPI and a cancelled IVA

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Post by neil629 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:20 pm
My Iva failed and was cancelled by then Grant Thornton..they sent me letters during my IVA regarding ppi ..i said i gave my consent for them to try and fight for it ....but my IVA failed and they shut my file and when i rang them regarding the ppi they said they would no longer be chasing it.And the creditors were soon after me ...most have been paid off and 1 i still pay for a loan and account and the others i believe are now statute barred ...gone 7 years at least since it failed.
But out of the blue a letter came for me saying i was due a ppi refund but it would be sent to Aperture(formerly Grant Thornton) ..surely when they washed there hands of me and let the creditors come for me they lost their claims to any ppi refund...Any help over this matter gratefully received
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