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Post by Tom1977 » Thu Sep 14, 2023 8:19 am
Hope this is OK to post.
I've recently been going through pre employment checks for a role that requires CTC clearance. The questionnaire asked whether I've ever been in financial difficulty and was up front by putting yes.
Over the last 6 months I've fallen behind with payments and have had to contact creditors to agree token payments (for the time being) to bring things under control. Understandably, a lot of the agreements have defaulted.
I put this up front to them but clearance has been denied on this basis.
Could anyone offer any advice? I plan to reapply in the coming months, but not sure if it would be looked upon more favourably if I put something like a DMP in place instead of the agreements I've set up with individual creditors. Reading other threads, it looks like others have been granted clearance at higher levels, even with IVAs or Bankruptcy?
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