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Post by EduLaur91 » Thu Sep 14, 2023 3:42 pm
Hello to everyone. I have few questions regarding Sprout Loans. I’m currently halfway through my IVA(30 out of 60 payments done at 170£ pm). Now I would like to know if I have any chance of going to Sprout for helping me settle my IVA early. My IVA is with Financial Support Systems. I never missed any payments. Is there any chance for me going with this or will I just waste my time ? I’m not a homeowner, I have a car on finance( IVA approved the finance). I’m also a student and I get maintenance loan from Student Finance(if that matters I don’t know). It’s been quite a struggle mentally speaking for me being in this IVA and I just want to get out early if I can.

Can anyone help or advise me regarding this situation? I’ve read different topics here about Sprout and I saw people having positive experiences and results regarding their IVA’s.
I’m just nervous about this, that’s why I’m asking for help.
Thank you in advance and sorry for the long text.
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