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Post by micawber » Thu Mar 11, 2010 1:56 pm
my wife and i had our Iva accepted on Feb 18Th much to our relief. at last we thought the hassling would stop and most of it did except for Barclay's who keep phoning my wife they rang this morning twice yesterday numerous times since our acceptance.i called our ip who contacted them about it even lodged an official complaint,all it seems to no avail,what annoys me about it is if you or i were to break the law we would be quite rightly brought to book and yet the likes of Barclay's can flaunt the law with impunity.
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Post by wannabedj » Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:35 pm
I was still getting calls and letters 4 months into my IVA. Now the calls have stopped but one creditor in particular keeps on sending letters and keeps on adding charges (black horse finance).
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Post by kallis3 » Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:40 pm
You can just ignore those calls. They can't do anything to you at all. I'm afraid I would be less than polite now.

I know you shouldn't have to change your number, but I would suggest that you do so.
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Post by flumpy dog » Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:16 pm
aww micawber sorry youre getting hassle hunny. they will stop eventually i promise x
if its any consolation i was getting one stupid company calling me 13 months still ! after acceptance
dont worry they will slither away eventually x
keep posting if they give you anymore grief luv fd
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