Attachment of Earnings IVA

Guide to Attachment of Earnings in the County Court

  • This is a method your creditors use in order to retrieve the money directly from your earnings.
  • They can only do this if they have a judgment against you in the county court.
  • The takings from your wages will be sent to the court that will in turn be forwarded to your creditors.
  • Furthermore, your employer will have the right to take a further £1 from your wages as an admin fee.

Areas Covered

  • What circumstances allow this to happen?
  • Is there a form to be filled in pending the order?
  • Are there consequences for not returning the form?
  • What happens after I have returned the form?
  • Can I dispute the order decided by the court?
  • What is a consolidated attachment of earnings orders?
  • Application for consolidated attachment of earnings order
  • Can the terms of the attachment of earnings order be altered?
  • What is the costing of the order?
  • Is there a consequence of ending my employment?
  • Does a county court application require payment?
  • What situations allow remissions?
  • Will the payment need to be paid in full?

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