Business debt factsheet

Most the debts included in this factsheet are based on small businesses and self-employed individuals at the time they stop trading and how to deal with it from that instance.

Areas Covered

  • Debts regarding Income Tax Arrears
  • How can the tax be collected?
  • What if I am unemployed?
  • Use of Bailiffs
  • If the money is not returned, what's next?
  • If the debt is below £2000
  • The collector has one final option
  • What Interests and Charges can be added to my tax debt?
  • Is there a complaints procedure?
  • Business Debt regarding VAT
  • HMRC Bailiff Use
  • Business Debts regarding National Insurance arrears
  • 3 Classes make up the contribution system
  • Extra Info
  • Business Debt regarding Rent Arrears
  • Long Term Leasing Rent Arrears
  • Can a Landlord send Bailiffs to collect rent arrears?
  • Business Related Equipment Leasing
  • Business Debts regarding Accountancy Bills
  • Business arrears regarding gas and electricity
  • Business arrears regarding water rates

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