CCJ Guide Factsheet

Guide to how County Court Judgements (CCJ) influence a credit rating

If a CCJ has been declared against you, this may well be a reason for a rejected application for credit.

Why do you receive a CCJ?

A CCJ in most cases is declared because someone you are in credit to may have requested legal action or a court order for the money to be returned. The court will issue the judgment upon having found you guilty and obligated to pay the debts incurred.

Areas Covered

  • What happens once the CCJ has been declared?
  • How do you find out if a CCJ has been declared?
  • What is the time period your information will be held in the Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines?
  • Can you dispute the debt?
  • Once you have paid will your information be withdrawn from the Register?
  • Do the credit reference agencies also withdraw your information?
  • What if you pay the debt outside the one-month period?
  • Can you clear your debt record?

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