Debt Help Factsheet

Guide to dealing with debt

The issue of debt will not just disappear, if you are having troubles paying off your debts, attempt to communicate with your creditors and explain the difficulties rather than let the letters and calls accumulate.

If you disagree with the debt in question on any level, you should seek help from a debt advisor and communicate these discrepancies.

Areas Covered

  • How to tackle a debt problem
  • What is included in Non - Priority Debts?
  • Thirdly, construct a list separating expenses and income for the household.
  • Fourth, concentrate on the priority debts.
  • Fifth, concentrate on the non-priority debts.
  • What is an Administration Order?
  • What is an IVA?
  • What is a Loan Consolidation?
  • What if you have no more money or assets to pay off your non-priority debts?
  • What is a Debt Relief Order?

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