Factsheet on water bill debts

Can Water companies switch off your supply?

If you have outstanding debts regarding your water bill, the water companies cannot simply switch off your supply.

In the case of the water companies telling you they will switch off your supply then you will have grounds for a complaint to Ofwat.

Ofwat are the governing body for the water companies.

Water companies are also forbidden from installing anything in your property that prevents a full water supply from a tap

Areas Covered

  • Should I be in communication with the water company?
  • What shall I do if I am behind on my water bills?
  • What happens if I do not come to an agreement with the water company?
  • Should I have a water meter installed?
  • What is 'Watersure'?
  • What is the complaint procedure?
  • Water Charity and Trust Funds.

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