2nd year in and really struggling

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Post by dgardn2016 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 11:55 pm

I'm coming to the end of my second year in my IVA, the last few months have been a struggle as my mother in law is really ill, and permanently in a 24hr nursing staffed home. I'm paying out 3 times what we usually use in fuel, usually a full tank about £50 lasts the month, we are using £150 at the moment. That's not to mention various other things such as buying new clothing for her as she lost 6 stone in 3 months.

I have a rental property, the tenants are leaving on the 23rd of this month, I have to have a replacement part on the boiler, fix a leak in the roof as well as decorating due to damage from leak before I can re let. Environmental heath inspected the place yesterday due to the tenants contacting them for no reason, so hopefully they don't throw anything else my way before I can let it again!

Various family members have had to help me out this month, because I have more going out than coming in. I haven't missed any via payments, but fear it could happen if something doesn't give. My dad has offered to give me some money for a full and final settlement to try and ease things a bit. I'm with Debt Free Direct, but they recently changed there call times so now I cant ring at the weekend, and the only way I can contact them is during work hours. They keep you waiting 30-45mins in a queue which wont go down well. I emailed once, got a reply 2-3 weeks later, they really don't help when you have to work to pay the dammed IVA anymore. Was great when the lines were 8am till 8pm.

I have been working everything out on a spread sheet including my outgoings.

I'm currently expected to make contributions totalling £10,032 over the 6 years. It says they would expect £1608 equity from my rental property, however they said it would unlikely they could collect this due to my loan to value and the current market. Hence the 6th year!

So far I have paid in £2732, and the PPI company they got involved managed to claw back £582.75

So £3314.75 paid off so far. May day has offered me an additional £6000 lump sum to add to this for hopefully a full and final settlement.

It will be a little under what would have been collected over the term, not excessively. Does anybody know what the chances of the creditors agreeing to it? I know nothings definite until DFD put it forward to the creditors, and there's no guarantee they will do that.

Apart from a little tax credits, me, my wife and step daughter are living off my income. My wife gets DLA but that's been disregarded in the IVA as its needed for her personal care. My wife has been signed off from working for the last 5 years until recently, but cant look for work yet because of the situation with her mum.

I'm hoping that they agree that to the settlement, as a pose to potentially failing the IVA down the line. My mother in law isn't going to get any better, so at the minute there is no light at the end of the tunnel. To top it off my employer is struggling and has lost millions in profit over the past couple of years, which doesn't help the stress levels when it comes to job security.

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Post by Foggy » Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:56 am
Hi Darren. That F&F offer definitely has legs and could run ! Although it is a little less than they would be getting they are making savings on administration costs and wil have the security of "a bird in the hand".

In the meantime you should ask for a full review with regard to reducing your ongoing payments, or even a payment break to play a little catch up.

Laura Harrop from DFD often looks in. Hopefully she will pick up on this and look into it for you.
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Post by dgardn2016 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:34 pm
Hi Foggy, thanks for your reply. I already had to take a payment break in Jan to replace a broken appliance. I could ask when I'm able to ring, if I had to I could ring tomorrow to put it forward. Just not ideal now the lines aren't open as long as they were.

Hopefully I can take another payment break this month as it's going to cost around another £270 to get the flat ready to let again. Hopefully my agent gets somebody in ASAP, as without that income for to long won't be pretty.

I think Laura helped me last year when they were taking a long time to do the review as payments were set to reduce if there were no changes.

Thanks again Foggy



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Post by Laura.Harrop » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:55 pm
Hi dgardn2016

I am sorry to hear things have been a struggle and I am more than happy to review your case and discuss with you further.

Can you please send me an email to customersupport@debtfreedirect.co.uk putting FAO Laura Harrop in the subject. Please can you provide your full name, IVA reference and address please and if you have a copy of the expenses spreadsheet you've mentioned please attach this.

Looking forward to speaking soon.

Kind regards
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