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Post by linda613 » Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:55 am
I finished paying off my IVA on April 2018 but now my boiler has broken down and I have no heating or hot water. As I have arthiiritis I desperately need the heating. I am 71 years old. Is there anywhere I can get a loan

Lisa Thomas

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Post by Lisa Thomas » Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:27 am
I'm a licensed IP with 16+ yrs at Neville & Co covering the South West area. I have a YouTube channel with advisory videos on here: ... Z5k9ZcC2MA 01752 786800


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Post by Foggy » Thu Nov 15, 2018 10:00 am
Have a word with CAB or Age Concern to see if there are any aided schemes going on at the moment.
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Post by Waitingforship » Sat Nov 17, 2018 5:06 pm
Our boiler packed up last year. My wife is not in the IVA so We got a very good deal on a brand new top of the range Worcester from a company called Boxx, including a 10 year parts and labour warranty). They arranged the loan on line in a matter of minutes and really saved our bacon. The loan cost was cheaper per month than we were paying on boiler insurance. Installed within 4 days too. I’m not advertising I am sure other companies also do this so look around.
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