Any chance of a joint mortgage?

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Post by katylee » Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:21 pm
I am 3 years into an IVA. My partner had a property to sell and has excellent credit score. Is there any hope we will be able to get a mortgage together?


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Post by Foggy » Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:32 pm
It is very unlikely that you will be able to join in a mortgage with your partner for another few years. If you could, your IVA would then impact on his credit rating and the interest rate would be very high. Added to this, you are not allowed to take on any more credit while in the IVA.
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Post by Ryan » Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:44 pm
As Foggy says you can't take further credit so you would have to settle your IVA. If you were to do so and have access to a large deposit (possibly 25% +) there may be Specialist Lenders that would consider lending to you.

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Post by Shaun Vickery » Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:12 pm
Depending on your circumstances your partner may be able to take out the new mortgage just in his name and you can think about adding yourself at a later date.
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