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Post by Stephanie.k » Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:53 pm
We made our last payment into our IVA this month with aperture (originally grant thornton). We have never missed a payment and paid in all our bonuses. However the client portal has just been updated to state we are in arrears by £500.
Can this be correct? There amount we owe is higher than what is in our original paperwork too.
We also submitted our house valuations back in September 2018 and we have just heard from select partnership that we need to release equity (no idea of how much though). Aperture have been useless and not notified us of anything or responded to emails. Do we have a case to complain against them?


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Post by Foggy » Sun Mar 24, 2019 8:20 pm
You can always complain about non-communication -- you will not be the first I am guessing !

Ask them where this mythical £500 has come from ( a conveniently round figure).

Releasing equity: Needing to do so and being able to do so are different things -- you might yet get an extension in lieu, once Select have done their thing.
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Shaun Vickery

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Post by Shaun Vickery » Mon Mar 25, 2019 4:08 pm
Technically speaking the obligation to attempt to release equity is yours rather than your IP prompting but of course I entirely appreciate that all of this will be new ground to you. In terms of the amount you would be required to release, this is strictly governed by 'protocol' rules and ensures that any solution is affordable etc. It's also one of the reasons these reviews are conducted by a third party such as ourselves and who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Once you have spoken to the Adviser here, they will be able to confirm the details of any solution so that you can then make an informed decision. They may well also be able to help you clarify regarding the arrears that are showing as part of this process. If you'd like any extra input from me I'll be happy to help.
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