Arrears with Hanover

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Post by HarveyP » Mon Mar 08, 2021 7:07 pm
Hi there,

I just want to know if anyone has any issues with Hanover. I am on month 40 of my IVA but missed 3 months of payments due to being off sick from work and now in breach arrears.

I'm now back to work and looking to address the arrears by paying extra a month but Hanover aren't having it and want it paid all in one but obviously I can't do that as have my bills and expenditure and will just go in further debt.

Can anyone help me here as the are threatening to end the IVA if not paid soon


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Post by Foggy » Mon Mar 08, 2021 7:31 pm
Under the standard terms three missed payments does mean the IVA can be failed. Have you been speaking to your IP directly, or to a call handler ? At the very least, you need to speak to your IP.

When you became ill and unable to pay the IVA, did you speak to Hanover about it or did you just let it lie ?

If you spoke to them and they failed to assist, you can complain and escalate a complaint to their regulatory body
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Post by HarveyP » Tue Mar 09, 2021 8:52 am
Hi Foggy,

I had told them that I would be out of work and they said that to keep them updated when I got back to work.
Now that I am they asked to see proof off statements and payslips.

They arent letting me put a payment holiday in or set up a payment plan to pay it back as they state my income is only £50 less than what I told them my income was while working. Which I understand as I did get a bit more pay than expected but still I couldnt afford it as unforseen expenditure while off sick as my partner had to take time off work as we have a young child.

Im truly at a loss as i couldnt afford it and they are looking it all in one. I understand the breach of terms but they arent willing to set up the payment plan at all. I havent been able to speak the my insolvency practitioner at all..

Thank you for your reply froggy
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