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Post by Jessjj » Sat Nov 14, 2020 2:48 pm
So ive been in my iva 2 years now, i had a basic nationwide account.

However I opened a monzo account because i liked the get paid a day early feature, so i did the switch which closed the the nationwide.

I want to reopen an account for day to day spending and keep monzo as bills, but ive been looking and they all say you cant open a basic if you already have a uk account with somebody else!

Does anybody have any suggestions 😩


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Post by Foggy » Sat Nov 14, 2020 3:42 pm
I had an account with Halifax before my IVA and I opened an account with Nat West as a new account, just leaving the Halifax account dormant ( I transferred all DDs etc manually, as there were some I didn't want transferred, like creditors). So, at that point I had two accounts. Then I got wind that Nat West was allied to one of my creditors and, so, to be on the safe side I opened a Cashminder account with the Co-Op --- actually, I opened two: one I used for DD's and regular expenses and the other for spending (groceries, petrol and stuff like that). Again I left the other account dormant. So .... I had 4 accounts !! After my IVA finished the Co-Op rolled my two basic cashminders into one 'grown up' account and I use that for the bills, DDs etc. The NatWest account I use for spending money (groceries, petrol, fun etc.) and the Halifax account is still sitting there with 14p in it. So. I am down to three accounts. I have never come across anyone saying that you can only have the one account.
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