Can I buy a bike whilst in an IVA?

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Post by brucecy92 » Mon Aug 03, 2020 1:00 am
I have managed to save 800 from bonuses and overtime after paying my 50 percent to be able to afford an electric bike at 800 however I'm frightened of buying it because the IVA company may put my payments up and overtime has now stopped at work


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Post by luluj » Mon Aug 03, 2020 5:00 am
if you have saved this from your allowances and have paid any extra to your iva, then you are free to do what you like with your money.

However and this is my personal view- would that £800 be better left as a back up right now if overtime gas stopped?
Is £800 on an electric bike a luxury right now?
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Post by Foggy » Mon Aug 03, 2020 8:39 am
I agree with Luluj --- what you have legitimately saved from your shares of extra income is yours to do with as you please.
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