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by Radish » Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:37 am
Whilst on my I managed to receive and pay into my IVA pot all my PPI except one - Capital One. I recently applied to them again (first time 2014) and was again rejected... But I also managed to read an article today saying they are the hardest company to get mis-sol PPI from because they claim they never mis-sold - and recorded all calls. Obviously a well managed company but not so good for the little person who just wanted to pay some extra to his creditors. Apparently 9 out of 10 people are unsuccessful with them. :cry:
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by Foggy » Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:21 pm
This is one reason we are beleagured with having to submit claims (and sign all the paperwork) again and again --- creditors, whilst maintaining that we have to honour agreements, refuse to honour their own responsibilities!
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