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Post by agusia » Tue May 04, 2021 12:10 pm
My IVA agreement says that I need to obtain child maintenance from my ex partner. I was trying to do that but he was not happy about it, as he is going through the same IVA process. We have good relationship and after I told him about the issue, we constantly arguing. He helps as much as he can but he has other kids that he financially supports, not via child maintenance. What do I do? Does the company I have IVA agreement with can make thing more difficult for me if I won’t obtain this child maintenance? I just had a 1 year review as well


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Post by Foggy » Tue May 04, 2021 12:43 pm
What exactly does your agreement say ? It seems unreasonable to state that you will obtain maintenance and the only certainty is that you will attempt to obtain maintenance. You cannot be expected to make a promise on behalf of someone else.
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