Competition and my reflections

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Post by NescafeGold13 » Thu Oct 14, 2021 7:42 pm
My husband had a large debt (3 figures) following a decision he made in 2006 to support a relative with obtaining two buy to let mortgages. The relative made herself bankrupt in 2019 following years where she buried her head in the sand, refused to discuss the situation or dispose of the properties, which were both in serious negative equity. At the point of her bankruptcy my husband was left facing a shortfall debt of over £100k. We took steps to try and resolve the matter. One thing I regret is falling for the companies that tell you they can help you out of debt for a fee! We went down this road twice and thankfully with help from the Financial Ombudsman I managed to recover half of the £7k we spent trying to get support. Finally we found and put our trust in, who charged no upfront fee and did what they said they could do. I was in a position to put up a full and final settlement and the creditors received 40.39p in the pound. The completion certificate arrived yesterday and the risk of my husband’s bankruptcy and loss of our family home is behind us. I am so glad I found as we had been getting nowhere with the issue and had been given very misleading information as to whether an IVA would be possible in my husband’s case due to the equity in our joint home. If you are considering an IVA please consider speaking to before signing up with anyone else. You won’t be disappointed.
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