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by Shazzyann » Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:00 am
I took out an IVA which was all sorted in july this year. My debt was mainly council tax with the local council, other debts were added when a credit check was done.
Few weeks ago baliffs started coming to my house so i contacted my iva customer services and was told within the first 12 weeks this is common, didnt hear anything back. 2 weeks ago baliffs started coming again but at night while im at work, i contacted customer services she took name and mobile no of baliff and said if this debt which was a penelty parking fine was before the iva was put in place they will sort it, she said she would ring me back which she never did, week later on saturday just gone, i was out and my son was at home with my front door unlocked they knocked the door and walked in my house, spoke to the baliff on the phone explained i have iva in place since july he told me he needed proof or he was removing goods for the debt of 430. I rushed home found my letter to proove iva was finalised in july and debt was june this year with parking fine last year, he agreed that it was before and then rang his boss saying the penelty charge wasnt on the iva, at the time i was scared and in panick didnt realise theres nothing in my paperwork listing the debts, he then went on saying it had to be resolved that day etc my partner paid them 200 to get rid of them and get them out of my house, he told me he would have to take good and couldnt wait to monday for me to ring iva customer services, he said we would get our money back and left. Ive rang iva customer services and there saying letters and emails has een sent to the council and the baliffs but been ignored, told me we shouldnt of paid any money and we wont get it back, didnt find him helpful at all. The council tax debt is for same council as the parking debt will that all be included in the iva under our local council? I did try to ask this question but he wasnt very helpful at all. We paid the baliffs to get them out of my home i didnt no what else to do.
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by Foggy » Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:06 pm
Get a letter from your IP -- or copies of the letters they say they have sent to the council and the bailiffs. If a Bailiff calls again call the police. Unfortunately, having gained entry they do now have the right to re-enter but you are complaining of harrassment as they are trying to enforce a debt they have no right to enforce. If they do not refund the money lodge a claim in the small claims court.
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by Shazzyann » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:29 pm
Can i ask my local council to refund the money? Or the baliffs? I would of thought who my iva is with would of helped?
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