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Post by Will1234 » Wed May 19, 2021 11:42 am
Hi all,

I have been a long time viewer of this forum, but have never posted before. Over the time I have found so many useful bits of information and advice throughout and it has helped me a lot.
On the back of reading some of the topics, I submitted a full and final offer, which was accepted last week. So happy to have all that weight lifted, now just the long eager wait to receive the completion certificate!

Now that this is all coming to an end, I need to tidy up my credit file. Having a look my credit files with the three agencies, it seems that two of the default dates are a long way off, one is a year later and the other is nearly two years after. There are some that are a couple of months wrong, but they aren't the end of the world.
Both the defaults that are incorrect are with Nationwide Building Society.

I have read Foggy's very useful article regarding the credit record and what to do, and I am aware I will need to write to the Data Controller to ask for these to be corrected with all three of the agencies. I have looked on the ICO website and wanted to make sure I have the correct address to send it to. It seems to be a very generic address (post code being SN38 1NW) with no name of the actual Data Controller. Is this correct, and if so, would I just address the letter to "Dear Sir"? I want to make sure this goes to the right place, so this is all cleared up and there is nothing to worry about.

Thank you in advance and for running this forum, it really has been a huge help!


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Post by Foggy » Wed May 19, 2021 12:05 pm
Nationwides own website has this information:

Contacting the Data Protection Officer Nationwide’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for protecting personal information held by Nationwide Building Society and its subsidiaries. You can contact them at the address below: The Data Protection Officer Nationwide Building Society Nationwide House Pipers Way Swindon SN38 1NW

ICO register looks like it might be Paul Jones, according to the email address registered.
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Post by Will1234 » Wed May 19, 2021 1:11 pm
Thank you for your reply on this Foggy.
I was not sure if the Data Controller was the same person as the Data Protection Officer. Thank you for confirming this, I will get the letter ready to send out.

Thanks again
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