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by Foggy » Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:13 pm
Philpip78 wrote:
Yes, they have back-dated my payrise from my annual review (February) to when I changed jobs the previous September.

I challenged this but was told that an annual review was a review for the coming year, not a review of the previous year, and this was separate to a P60 review. Also they did not enter the new info when I notified them of the change of job but seemingly that is my fault. They also didn't update it based on the payslips I submitted.

I have argued the amount down by £600 but am still disgusted that they have accepted no responsibility. I'm reluctant to argue it further in case they find another error on their part that costs me money!

Apologies .... but they are talking total B.S ! Your Ts & Cs allow for an annual review ... at which time payrises since the last review are taken into account --- they do not encompass mutliple reviews on differing aspects with differing effective dates.
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by bridgey » Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:10 am
Foggy wrote:
Hi Bridgey. I am afraid that each annual review isn't "signed off" and finished with --- they are all revisited at the end to make sure nothing was missed ! This causes problems where a verbal agreement was made and never noted down at their end, for instance.

Anyway -- they cannot just claim that this money is owed -- they have to explain where the discrepancy has come about -- it shouldn't need "looking into" --- to have arrived at that conclusion they must have already made the calculations and be able to explain them to you. If not, they are just pushing their luck.

Ah ok thanks Foggy - I was not aware of that. It’s a bit crap that you can get to 23:59 of the IVA and they say “sorry, our bad, we missed something 3 years ago, you owe us £2K”

Hopefully this gets resolved positively for the OP
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