Ebenegate Anxiety!

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Post by JenFace » Wed Sep 15, 2021 10:10 am
Long time reader, first time poster - hello all!

I guess I'm after a bit of reassurance and perhaps some advice. Quick summary:

I started my IVA in Jan 2020 with Vanguard, after a good few years of debt stress mainly from a tough divorce that left me shouldering a lot of debts just to break free. Everything was fine, Vanguard were great, but then I got the message that Ebenegate had bought up my IVA. Since March 2020 i was put on furlough for 12 months then made redundant (no payout as less than 2 yrs), secured a 2 month payment break without much problem. I had my first review with Ebenegate in Jan this year which was not what I was expecting - a phone call from some guy asking for 3 months bank statements and pay slips, then a call back 30 mins later to tell me my payments would go up by £50. I said no, as my current situation did not reflect reality due to the pandemic, to which he replied "okay, no change then". (I did get confirmation in writing, because it all felt so very dodgy!)

In April 2021 I started a new job on better pay, and have since passed my probation, had a payrise and a small bonus. Since August (when I passed probation) I have been trying to contact Ebenegate - various emails have been ignored and the few times i've managed to get through on the phone the person has not been able to tell me how to update my details, other than saying to send an email. Which I do, which gets ignored. I have just come off the phone with them and they have said they will send a review form, and will need bank statements and payslips....probably :o I also asked about options to pay more into my pension, to which they replied "dunno, we couldn't answer that!" The guy I spoke to was very unhelpful, and hung up on me at the end of the call!

Long story short I'm tearing my hair out with them. I don't trust them and am constantly worrying that they will mess up the whole thing. I have had a payrise but all my outgoings have increased, including my rent as my landlord has been very understanding while I was on furlough but is now putting the rent up by around £150/£200 (tbc).

Is there anything I can do - is there an option to move my IVA to a different provider? Just one who can answer questions and returns emails would be good! I haven't yet complained officially to them or anyone else, although I'm not sure if that's even an option?

I'm not a house owner and original debt was £18,000 - I pay £194 a month. I have a car but it's been excluded from the IVA, other than that no other assets.


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Post by Foggy » Wed Sep 15, 2021 10:41 am
Your IVA is still under the control of your Vanguard IP ...NOT Ebenegate, who are merely a pumped up call centre based in Mauritius.

I would complain direct to your IP and, if that gets nowhere, escalate the complaint to their regulatory body via the government gateway https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-insol ... actitioner

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Post by JenFace » Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:06 pm
Thank you Foggy - honestly, I didn't know that. The communication around Ebenegate is horrendous, as many others have pointed out.

Thank you for all the contact details as well, at least it gives me some route to follow as I was feeling extremely lost! Having to get an IVA was not ideal and is something I'm still coming to terms with, but is the last hangover from a former (rather awful) life so am trying to do everything possible to do it right. Only 3 and a half yrs to go!


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Post by surfingruthie53 » Fri Sep 17, 2021 7:32 am
Hello . I can't offer you advice but I can offer you cyber support ( if you know what I mean ) I've been pushed onto Ebengate from Logan and Whyte and I've sent an email asking about savings that I've got,but they haven't replied. I'll just bide my time . I've just started my IVA and I feel ashamed and guilty that I've allowed myself to get into such a lot of debt,but I suppose I'm back in control of my finances again and can budget and plan with a clear vision. Good luck on sorting out your dealings with Ebengate. Let me know how you get on.


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Post by JenFace » Tue Sep 21, 2021 2:27 pm
Hello and thank you so much for the cyber support! Since I last posted I have been chasing them again as they have still not sent me anything they promised. Today they didn't even answer the phone so I am going to try Vanguard later today. I thought they'd be all over me as I've had a pay increase - was preparing to fight them off!

I can definitely relate to the feeling of shame and guilt - I haven't told my parents as I'm too ashamed, even though they will be nothing but supportive. (disclosure, I'm 38 years old and have told my partner and close friends, and even my boss. But the thought of telling my dad reverts me back to a child I think!). However, all that aside I think we're brill for taking control of our finances - its such a hard decision to do and I for one feel positive that there is a genuine end in sight. I think this is why the terrible experience with Ebenegate has got to me so much, because its yet another faceless organisation dictating my life and making things difficult for their own ends (or rather, because they don't care!)

Virtual high five to you surfingruthie - well done for taking the IVA leap!
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