Final Year Equity Release

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David F
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by David F » Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:12 am
Hi All,

Yes a HUGE BIG THANK YOU!!! to Melanie as she has been wonderful in helping me understand my options based on my current situation. If this changes then I will have other options to consider too.

Melanie really helped me understand all my options and I was truly humbled by her kindness, professionalism and compassion for people like me who are struggling with huge debts. Thank you Melanie, I will let you know how things progress.

My main focus now is to find a job whilst investigating more details on my property value & secured debt settlement which may or may not result in myself going bankrupt.
The IVA may still be an option if that ever elusive job comes along.

This site and the experts on here have given me new hope and a clarity that I didn't think possible this time last last year. Thank you to everyone who has offered advice.

Tobymoz, sorry for the late reply but I have only just looked back at the forum having been away for a few days, so still trying to catch up. My advice to you would be to speak to your IP and talk to the experts on here as they have helped me so much. Good luck and I'm sure all will be OK.

Keep asking questions.........that's what I'm doing.

All the best,

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