Following husbands death I was advised to stop payments. Now told I am in breach

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by louise347 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:47 pm
Following my husbands death I was advised to stop payments to dfd till they recirved a death certificate.It then took them two months to contact me..(at the time of his death we were embarking on a variation meeting to look at fundsbto date)..Ive had a promotion and could afford to continue now, however, dfd did a review and then said i didnt have to begin payments immediately , this was the end of september, They couldnt give me the exact amount I would pay till I had wage slipsbfrom my new job, I sent these at the begining of november..intending to resume payments..then i was told dfd had been taken over by arperture who needed another review before i could make ayments..the day after i recieved another letter saying i was in me a month to call them or emailthem with propisals to remedy it .i did this.and have sent more than ten emails over two weeks and made numerous unanswered calls leaving messages.Non of this is my fault, but I feel like im being ignored desite complying with everything they asked..can anyone advise
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by Foggy » Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:51 pm
Write directly to the new IP - using recorded delivery (keep copies), explaining the situation and telling them that the ball is in their court and they should be sorting it out as previously discussed with DFD. Refer to your repeated attempts to communicate with them, which have all been ignored. Give them a set time to respond, failing which you will refer the matter to their regulatory body.
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