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Our forum hosts two types of IVA Experts: Forum Expert and Industry Expert. Forum expert is someone who has been through an IVA and speaks from experience. Industry expert is a professional working in the Insolvency Industry.

IVA Forum Experts

Foggy Posts: 20641

Entering an IVA has been one of the best things I have done. Not only has it started me on the road to sorting my finances, it has given me a more stress free life and an appreciation for "real" money over plastic !!!

For the purposes of POTM please contact me on maddogmulgrew@aol.com -- This mailbox is not regularly monitored, so any other mails will not be picked up in a timely manner :-)

kallis3 Posts: 70178

Hi, My name is Jan, and I live in the Midlands. Hubby and I have now completed our IVA's - mine by a full and final and hubby went until the end. I hope to be able to give support and advice to anyone starting out, part way through and at the end. The forum helped me and I've made some great friends along the way.

Lisa Thomas Posts: 9307

Having been through an IVA, returning 100p to the £ back to creditors I can honestly say this forum was a lifesaver.
I am now providing support and advice to those of you in an IVA, or thinking about entering into one . I may not always have the answers, but want to provide you with comfort and reasurrance whilst the experts can be more specific !

plasticdaft Posts: 9455

Hi my name is Paul and I live in Scotland. My wife and I are currently part way throught a protected trust deed(the scottish version of an IVA)after getting into about £80k of debt. I was sure I was in control,switching credit cards around etc which was fine until I left the armed forces and had to take a 40% pay cut.
Through this forum I have learned a massive amount about insolvencies UK wide and am here to help.

IVA Industry Experts

Freeman Jones
Ian from freeman Freeman Jones

Ian is part of the team at Think Money, the parent company of Freeman Jones, Gregory Pennington and Wilson Andrews.

Keith White
Keith White Posts: 6

Keith has worked in the debt industry for over 10 years providing information to customers on debt matters generally and solutions in particular. He has a relaxed and easy-going manner and is able to explain sometimes complicated information in a straight forward and understandable way. His business/financial background (management consultancy/accountancy) is complemented by his people-focused counselling and listening skills. He has extensive experience in the commercial, educational and church-related world. Keith hails from Merseyside, is married and a father of three.

Laura.Harrop Posts: 102

DFD Forum Expert, Debt Free Direct

Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas Posts: 4871

I am a licensed IP with over 14 years experience at Neville & Co.I cover the South West area and provide advice on all areas of insolvency, including IVAs. My bitesized video guides can be found on our You Tube channel here:

MelanieGiles Posts: 47612

I have been a qualified Insolvency Practitioner for over 25 years, and am am happy to help the users in this community with my expertise and industry knowledge.

Please visit my blog for more information about me http://melaniegiles.blogs.iva.co.uk or my company website www.pjgrecovery.com

Michael Peoples
Michael Peoples Posts: 14119

I am the Manager of the self employed team at McCambridge, Duffy Insolvency Practitioners. I have worked here for over 13 years and was previously employed in estate agency, financial services and HM Revenue & Customs. I am married with a young daughter and a wife who now works part time. I understand how people can get into debt but thankfully I also know how to get out of debt. If you would like to speak with me about your debt I can be contacted directly on 02871 377321 or by e-mailing me on mpeoples@mccambridgeduffy.com

Ryan Posts: 439

Hi, my name is Ryan Radford. I have been in the Mortgage industry for over 21 years, and I own and run Zebra Money Centre. We are an FCA Regulated 'Whole of Market' mortgage company. I have now set up IVA Mortgage Expert with an experienced team. We specialise in helping people who have experienced problems in the past, obtain a mortgage. I also have over 15 years experience of helping clients who have had financial/debt problems and understand the difficulties faced when trying to get back on the mortgage ladder. Please contact me at help@ivame.co.uk or 01582 450000 Any questions, feel free to ask!

IVA Mortgage advice needed?
Contact me at www.ivamortgageexpert.co.uk or via the expert page

Shaun Vickery
Shaun Vickery Posts: 473

I have worked in the Specialist Mortgage and Finance industry for over 25 years and was Highly recommended at The British Mortgage Awards.

My brokerage firm Equity Finance is directly authorised by The Financial Conduct Authority and is a specialist in this field.

Highly Commended at the British Mortgage Awards. For individual mortgage advice go to http://www.equity-online.co.uk

sheraz.b Posts: 12

Sheraz has worked in the financial industry for over ten years and has a wealth of experience in problem solving and finding the right solutions. He thrives on giving people information so they can find a way out of the debt cycle many people are finding themselves in. He has a calm, professional and understanding manner, making it as easy as possible for people to open up to him about their situation.

Steven Hewit
Steven Hewit

I have worked in the financial sector since graduating in 2000. I joined Think Money in 2003 and have experience of the full range of debt solutions as well as picking up a qualification in mortgage advice. My current role is proving advice and support to Freeman Jones customers (and non customers) alike via social media.
I am a family man with three growing children so, like many of our customers, I know what it is like to live on a tight budget!
I take pride in my work and enjoy sharing my knowledge to help people with their IVA and debt questions.

Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith

Jameson Smith & Co provides company insolvency advice and solutions. Services include, but not limited to, Company Voluntary Arrangements, Administration, Voluntary Liquidation and general company debt advice.