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Post by carole2662 » Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:35 am
I have just received a statement from Barclaycard Goldfish .I had a card with them years ago, lost it and called them to cancel the card. They cancelled it and said they had posted me a new one which I never received. After trying for months to get them to understand this they stopped communicating with me. Today after about 3 years I get this statement which shows I am £4.63 in credit. I have just spoken to them on the phone to tell them I don’t have one of their cards and to credit my bank account with the small amount and then to close the account. They said until I return the card they cannot close the account and the small amount cannot be put into my bank account because it is not the account linked to the card. I have told them that I am in an IVA but they still say I must return the card. I don’t have the card as I never received the new one years ago but the lady on the phone won’t understand this. What do I do now?

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Post by Michael Peoples » Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:43 am
Why not write to them and explain everything. They may well then close the account and send you a cheque as it is not cost effective for them to kepp sending statements to an account with a small credit balance.

If there were other debts to Barclays they may offset the £4.63 but at least the account would be closed.
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