Hi I completed my IVA in 2014. Where do I stand regarding PPI ?

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by charmer7 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:28 pm
Hi I completed my Iva in 2014 & have received my completion certificate however I've misplaced it ATM. During my Iva the IP checked for ppi & didn't find any. However recently another company has found some & its been paid to me direct from the bank. Ive also found out through research my IP has ceased practising & has been taken over by a new company who state on their website they aquired all active accounts from 1/82017. My question is, where do I stand? The RBS have paid me direct & said my payment could of been affected if I've ever or were in a Iva but it hasn't been & my PPI company are in process of sending me a claim from capital one. I made all parties aware on paperwork I had an Iva previously. Do you think I'll here from new IP who took over old IP? & will they automatically know I've been awarded this through the bank? Thank you
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by Foggy » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:52 am
It is possible that the creditors making the refunds will contact the former IP -- what will happen to this is anyone's guess. It could be argued that, although the IVA itself has completed, the continuing trust created by the IVA would make it still count as "active" for the purposes of transferring ownership to the new IP (this would be reinforced if PPI was assigned during your actual IVA term).
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