How my job will affect my husband's IVA?

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by jane969 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:28 am
Hello. I am not in an iva but my husband is. Wheb he took this out 6 months ago i was not working as i was a stay at home mum.

I do have debts of around 8k which i need to urgently start paying - i will be making a plan to pay these very soon when i start a new job. I will be earning around £600. Because it is shifts it may vary between 500 - 800, but usually 600 is about right.

What i need to do is pay around 400 in total to my creditors. I will then have around 200 left.

I want to know how my husbands iva will be affected and ultimately how much extra he will need to pay into the iva because of my new job? Will the iva take into account the fact i have debts to pay? We've done some calculations and we keep finding we will be basically no better off (apart from obviously mt debts being paid) but in terms of our expendable wont increase at all. Are we doing the maths correctly?

If anyone could gice us a rough guide as to how this will work id really appreciate it.

Thank you
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by Foggy » Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:09 am
The IP will take the view that you will be able to contribute some of your earnings towards the household expenses that your husband now gets allowances for in this IVA. That, in turn, will slightly increase his disposable income, and, therefore his IVA payment.
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