How to exlain the IVA and shame. I need to talk.

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MR Bee

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Post by MR Bee » Mon Jun 21, 2021 4:49 pm
Hi guys.
Context of my debt.
7yrs ago with £10k credit cards and loans. Basically addiction and depression.
I took a better paid self employed job.
But didt understand the red tape, some bad advice and i spent the first years buisness tax on a holiday.
So i was always chasing more debt
I hadnt addressed my means.
I was on a fortune and doing well.
It fuelled my addictions.
I started to turn the corner.
Beat my addictions
Then nearly three years ago. At xmas.
My self employed buisness went under due to losing the contract. (govt cut the funding) 1 weeks notice.
I hadnt enough money to pay the full orporation tax, personal tax. Coming
And had to spread money to keep kids fed. I was ashamed i hid the issue, and bagged me a new job within a week but it started jan 2019. With pay in feb my wage had dropped to 50% of last 10years.
So i budgetted till then and my last week i had to pinch apples and drink out of date protein shakes. For the last week.
But my kids had enough to eat

Got the iva in march 2019.
That job was awefull workng away with an iva budget. Ended up getting assaulted for a work related issue and fell back into addictions while away, was under etreme pressure and on a few ocasions blacked out and collapsed.
i left that job in the summer of 2019, bagged a job near home. And been workung away ever since happy and doing well.
Ive opened up about it to my close friends. Beat the addictions.
Im now off alcohol and dry.
Last week. Again it looks like my department is getting outsourced.

Made a few calls and Within a day i get an interview with another company. (im niche market and well respected)
And need to fill out forms.
The dreaded IVA qestion is there.
Ive had a full blown panic attack.
I cant put no
But if it comes out in the interview.
Ill breakdown.

How do you explain it.
Im managing now, but made mistakes in the past.
Hardly gives confidence does it.

MR Bee

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Post by MR Bee » Mon Jun 21, 2021 5:02 pm
Ive opened up to my friends in last few months.
And only now typed this for the second time.
The iva company knows the truth.

Just before i lost the job that triggerred the iva,
I had started the gym, lost 4stone.
Started living clean life.
So i know i can sort myself.

Anyway thanks for reading


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Post by Foggy » Mon Jun 21, 2021 5:34 pm
It has been a tough old road -- but well done on getting this far !!!

You ask how to explain yourself at the interview --- and then provide your own answer in the last few words of your first post: " I'm managing now, but made mistakes in the past. "

You have been in this IVA now for two years --- you are getting there and you are beating it !
My opinions are merely that .. opinions based on experience. Always seek professional advice.
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Post by luluj » Fri Jun 25, 2021 6:55 pm
You have done the hardest thing... asking for help. You have been through so much and you will get through this period of time too.
Your are almost halfway in your iva journey ... 50% of the way .. be proud of the journey you are on x
Sharing from experiences of dealing with debt

There is a solution for everyone .... Just need to stay positive !

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