I was not informed about a change of IP

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Post by eduardo » Fri Jun 07, 2019 11:18 am
Hi, IVA finished last May 2017, and last September 2017 Aperture bought Debt free direct. I start claiming my PPI on my previous car finance which not included on my IVA and Aperture claim all of the money. My question to them is they never inform me on buying debt free direct and changing my Insolvency Practitioner, they did not send me any letter that my account to debt free direct is going to transfer to Aperture. What do you think I will do to claim my money back? Any help is really appreciated.


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Post by Foggy » Fri Jun 07, 2019 11:23 am
I am afraid that they have acted correctly -- any PPI belongs to your former creditors and can be recovered by the IP acting (whether that is the IP at the time of the IVA or one who has taken over responsibility, as in this case).

I was with Grant Thornton at the close of my IVA ( having already been transferred from another firm) and Aperture are now asking me about PPI claims, having never officially told me about the changeover --- but, such is life.
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