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Post by julie.63 » Thu Sep 16, 2010 9:28 am
Insolvency register question- have creditors meeting tomorrow. Am concerned (if approved) about going on insolvency register. Soem of my work is with vulnerbale adults am concerned they will have easy access to register - my surname is very uncommon- so easily identifiable. Some of those I work witha nd support can have serious needs. I do not wnat to jeopardise my fmaily situation. I understand that the IP details can be loggeed rather than the address etc in situations like this. I understand (though can't find the post) that melanie Giles has successfully done this. How would I go about doing this? Thanks


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Post by liamjames » Thu Sep 16, 2010 9:44 am
I've done this by writing a letter on behalf of a client detailing the situation. Ask your IP and feel free to give them my phone number or email address if they have never done anything similar.
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Post by MelanieGiles » Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:18 pm
Julie - are you a client of mine, as your facts are very similar to a case I am also dealing with at the moment.

I think it is fair to say that most IPs would have the knowledge of how to operate this procedure, if there were a real risk to your personal safety.
Regards, Melanie Giles, Insolvency Practitioner
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