Is there any way I can get a bank account?

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Post by john.23 » Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:11 pm
Let me explain my situation: I'm 35 and was made redundant two years ago. Since then, I've been homeless and claiming JSA. Finally, after applying for 957 jobs, I was given a full time permanent job just over a month ago and hoped this would be the opportunity to get my life back on track. However, during that time I missed several loan repayments to Barclays, who as a result closed my account and passed the debt onto a collection agency - this wouldn't be such a problem as I'm now in a position to pay it off in installments, which Barclays agreed to. This is where the difficulty lies - as I am still homeless, I have been having great difficulty in getting a bank to offer me even a basic account into which my wages can be paid. I have a cheque from my employer but cannot cash it, as I do not have either a passport or driving licence, which they demand as ID (and without a bank account, I can't cash the cheque to get some money to pay for a passport). At the moment, I have £28 to last for the foreseeable future and am becoming desperate - it feels as though there's no point to me working and I would have been better off remaining on benefits.

All I need is a bank account and I'll be able to start getting my life back on track. Is there any way I can get one, considering the above, or any alternative way out of this mess?


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Post by carlmcmullen » Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:33 pm
Hi John,

I am sure somebody else will offer some specefic advice, but out of curiosty were was your benefits being paid, was this not into a bank account.

I think you will struggle to find an account without and identification, there are a number of managed bank accounts such as think banking or card on but they do charge a monthly management fee which if can be avoided should be.

I am sure somebody will have some good advice shortly



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Post by kallis3 » Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:40 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum.

The Co-op is recommended by posters on the forum.

I do recommend that you speak to a professional about your problems. Visit and give one or two companies a ring for free and impartial advice.
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Post by plasticdaft » Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:13 pm
You may need to be on an electoral register to get any bank account? Some of the prepay credit cards can be used to have wages apid directly onto via BACS payment??
What is your current living situation?? I know some homeless people in my area have a PO box at a homelss shelter so they can receive mail,while still living on the streets.

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