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Post by recovering » Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:59 pm
abbiesmum2003 wrote:
recovering wrote:
recovering wrote:
Congratulations. It is a weird feeling being free! I was unsure whether I could handle it as I had a pretty smooth run in the IVA and was able to earn a bit more throughout it. But I have had what would’ve been my IVA payment left most months so maybe I have! I emailed Mel to thank her again for her help and she replied!
Well done and enjoy!!’
Oh snd closures seem to be CF’s strong point! 2 weeks and a bit for mine after chasing!
It was the email she used before I think as it popped up when i typed her name.

ive tried to contact mel a few times over the years and never had a reply. Even phoned the office but no callback.
Wish we coukd let her know and you could share her email address youve used here but i dont think you can
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