IVA approved but still shocked to see register!

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by wakeywakey » Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:07 pm
Ok, my IVA was approved with some modifications which weren't too bad, so all went well really.
I didn't have much hassle until I cancelled my Payplan DMP, then I had the same firms that didn't give me any hassle with the IVA all phoning and writing etc.
I suppose in hindsight i could have left asked PP to let them know that I had an IVA now, rather than just saying I no longer needed them.

But the biggest shock was looking at the IVA register. I expected my name but I really didn't expect my actual address. I can understand a company maybe wanting to check against the register, but why is your full address visible to any tom dick or harry. Really quite shocking when you consider that under Sarah's law, you still can't get the address of any local paedophiles because it's against there human rights (Police forces are supposed to say whether someone has been of the sex offenders register if you ask, but still won't tell you the actual address) So, yes, quite a shock. I don't suppose theirs anything we can do about that is there?

Anyway, thanks to everyone on here who answered some of my much worried questions and to anyone who is doubting this is the way, believe me, it really is. I had hardly any hassle until the PP debacle.
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by Foggy » Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:32 pm
Welcome to the journey!

You can only get the Register edited if you are under threat of violence. It is an archaic left over from days of yore when being a debtor was a heinous crime. Fortunately those outside of the industry aren't generally aware of the Register (unless and until they find themselves likely to be on it).
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