IVA company say they won't put forward my offer to end IVA

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by La456 » Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:09 pm
Hi any advice would be appreciated.

I currently have £6,400 left to pay into my iva, with 27 months left. Paying £240 each month. I have just found out i am pregnant, due in july 18. I currently live at home with my parents but i Now have to move out and me and my boyfriend have to find a place of our own. Therefore my dad has offered to pay £3,000 as a gift to end my iva early so i wont have the stress of my iva whilst pregnant, and as i will need as much money as i can for the baby, i will also be paying for the costs of a house, rent, bills, etc. I have informed my iva company who are saying they wont put the offer to my creditors as they will only accept the full £6,400 and £3,000 is to low. Is there anything i can do, as i have read lots of stories online where people have been accepted for offers they put in. They are not very helpful and a lot of the staff have been quite rude. Also they say they will phone me back but never do. I am so worried that my iva is going to fail as i wont be able to pay anything in a couple of months when we find a house to rent and when our baby is born as all of our wages will be used to pay rent, bills etc.
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by Foggy » Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:17 pm
This is being responded to on the other thread at: f-f-offer-advice-needed-f5-t84085

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