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Post by Sydshaw » Fri Aug 03, 2018 12:16 pm

I've been dealing with an issue with mine and my wife's credit reports for a few months now. In 2015 I applied for a joint iva, this was rejected and a sole iva for my wife was created. In 2017 we realised a monumental error had been made, knights Bridge insolvency had put all of my accounts into my wife's IVA, and it arose that out of 6 debt accounts only one was actually in my wife's name and after investigating this one debt could not be co firmed and was written off, she was then refunded all of the payments made into the IVA, she was also issued a completion certificate.

For some reason, an iva reference was put onto my credit file in 2015, even though I had never been in an iva and two references was put onto my wife's report. I have since found out that knights Bridge had put iva records on our reports for the first rejected joint iva and then another on my wife's report for the sole iva.

Obviously this is a problem because one I have never had an iva but my report says I have and my wife's iva was marked on her report as completed instead of revoked. So I have been trying for 6 weeks to get our reports updated and any iva references removed.

Equifax have updated my report but call credit and experian have been useless. I managed to get the original I. P's name from the insolvency service and tracked him down to a company called Credit fix, who took over knightsbridge's iva accounts. He tried to help by writing a letter explaining this huge cock up which I sent to the credit reference agencies but it wasn't enough do today he sent me a certificate of revocation for me and my wife.

The reason I'm here is to ask the professionals if this certificate will be enough to get the iva references removed from our reports?
Equifax seem to believe it should be enough.

Also, I firmly believe that knights bridge knew what they were doing and still processed the iva's in order to gain monetary benefit. Is this how iva's work? Can you think of any reason why they would of processed the iva's, even though the joint one was rejected, then marked it as completed and put a reference on our reports?

I have been messaging the original I. P lots and I'm not happy how this all happened, for 3 years I had an iva reference on my report and my wife had 2, when we should not of had any! Surely that's illegal? Imagine the damage this has done to our rating, we have probably paid over the years way more interest etc than we should of done because of the negative impact of these iva references!


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Post by Foggy » Fri Aug 03, 2018 12:24 pm
It should be enough, but then, so should what you have done so far ! Knightsbridge would have got no benefit from erroneously registering IVA's with the Insolvency service. Their income derives from the payments you make ... I would assume this just to be a monumental mess up on their part, rather than deliberate. Pursuing them for justice would be terribly expensive and incredibly long winded and I would suggest a chat with a solicitor well versed in insolvency law. Proving actual losses due to the error could prove difficult and would be dwarfed by the potential costs involved.
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Post by Sydshaw » Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:40 pm
Thanks Foggy, yes I agree with you, I'll see if this new certificate does the job!
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