IVA payment is to high and IP won't reduce it

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Post by Tonic » Wed Sep 29, 2021 12:39 pm
Hi I had a debt of £10,000 from having a gambling problem I started a IVA with creditfix to repay £160pm for 5 years as I bring home £1600pm. 8 months into the IVA my gambling problem hit and played on some online casino, but still payed the IVA, after a year they checked my bank statements and said because I gambled they rising my monthly payment to £256 which was leaving me with £0 on my account before pay day. I now have a new job which pays less £1400pm and still paying £256 and they will not lower it even though it's leaving me with no money by the third week of the month is there anything I can do? Also I'm now paying well over my debt, by the end of the 5 years I would have paid them nearly £16000 that's a lot of interest. They said they wipe a lot of my debt but really they add a lot of debt 🥺 I'm now stuck I have two years left but really struggling I want to quit but will then lose all my payments but can't afford £256pm any ideas? Kind regards


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Post by Foggy » Wed Sep 29, 2021 1:09 pm
You need to make a formal complaint to your IP which you can then escalate to their regulatory body, if no success.

Have a look here: https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-insol ... actitioner
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