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Post by daisies » Tue Nov 24, 2020 12:56 pm

I entered into an IVA in September 2020.

However, now things have begun to settle down and I feel a sense of relief, I decided to go through all my IVA documentation from proposal to creditors meeting outcome.

When going through this in detail, I noticed that one of my creditors reference was incorrect and the amount they claimed in the creditors meeting was £6k as opposed to my credit with this creditor being £2.5k. I remember seeing this at the time, but assumed that perhaps thats the way things worked and I didn't fully understand it and accepted it as I was relieved that things were finally getting under control.

However, now I am going through everything with a much clearer head, I realised the mistake was that, the IVA company had taken the reference from one of my bank statements I had submitted before entering the IVA - in which I had made a payment to my partners credit card (he had given me cash at the time and was easier than him going to deposit it in the bank and pay himself). They had taken that reference number assuming it was the first one they saw with the same name of creditor as what I had listed and not checked that this was my credit card. His reference number and the amount the creditor claimed is equal to what he owed in credit with that creditor at that time. This credit is not in my name at all, and the one with the same creditor in my name isn't mentioned at all.

I have called my IVA and explained it to them and they are investigating.

I'm worried that this may impact on my partners credit/credit score even though the account is completely in his name but now it is referred to in my IVA documents as they have mistakenly attached the wrong account to me? And this creditor voted on the amount that he owed, as opposed to what I owe. How was this not checked? Has anyone ever gone through this? Will this impact my IVA going forward?

Sorry for the bombard of questions, I finally feel like I am able to pay back my debt and the stress of creditors chasing me etc is now gone, but now I'm worried I'm going to be back to square one. Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks!


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Post by kallis3 » Wed Nov 25, 2020 8:04 am

Firstly let me apologise that nobody has picked up on this. It seems to have slipped through the net. Firstly I suggest that you check your partners file to see if it has had any impact on it. Secondly your IP should now sort this out and amend the account details and, if it does show up on your partners record, he can add a notice of correction on there until it is sorted.
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