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Post by TimIrving » Tue Jul 20, 2021 9:27 am
Are JC International debt collection a legit company or am I being scammed? Today I got 2 letters through the door from JC International, telling me they own "my" debt. well needless to say i have never heard of JC International. Initially i have no idea what this debt was/is? and to be honest I'm still not 100% sure. the only thing i can think of is a credit card my son had with Barclays 5 years ago under my name whilst he was at university!! so I'm after some advice please. should i contact them? and how would i do this without acknowledging the debt?


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Post by Foggy » Tue Jul 20, 2021 10:05 am
Some debt collection agencies do try it on with either purchased debts or even non-existent debts !

Have a look here: https://creditaction.co.uk/debt-collect ... quisition/

If you wish to contact them without acknowledging any debt, simply thank them for their letters and asking if they could provide any further information as you have no knowledge of what they are talking about. Do not offer possibilities !
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Post by NolanBissette » Tue Jul 20, 2021 10:31 am
Hi Tim, JC International certainly is a legit company but it is based in the US since 2002 and trades in the UK under the name Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions (CARS). They are also FCA regulated according to this review on google: [https://moneynerd.co.uk/jc-internationa ... ollection/].

I believe they mainly purchase debts from telecommunications service providers, utility suppliers and other debt collector businesses so I’m not sure about Barclays.

There’s still a chance you might be being scammed by someone framing themselves as JC so the best way to check is to contact your creditor who the debt collector purchased the debt from (you should have received notice of this) and to ask JC for proof of debt - there is some guidance on how to do this in the aforementioned blog post.

If it comes down to it and you have debt collectors on your doorstep (again you should have received notice of this 13 days before they turn up) always ask for ID and license. You don’t even have to open the door, just talk through the letter box and ask them to hand it to you that way.

But chances are, if you think you may have a debt with this company, then the debt is likely real and JC are legitimately chasing you. Just send a prove-it letter to be sure or check your credit report for late/missed payments with barclays.
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