Just received my "completion certificate". What next?

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by Neverending2017 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:32 am
akadiri wrote:
Neverending2017 wrote:

We are also with Johnson Geddes due to complete next month, Did you have a final review?
We had a review as our income has changed last month - do you think we will still need another review?

Hi there, sorry for the tardy response. Yes I had a final review with Johnson Geddes. It happened just after they received my final payment, but they had already informed me beforehand that they didn't think I had to pay anything more. The other thing they said, which they haven't done yet, is that they would make contact with me oin the next few weeks to see how I am getting on and give some advice about repairing my credit. I'm not holding my breath on this as there's probably no money in it for them - although I should say that their service has been very good throughout the life of the IVA.

Hi thank you! we are just waiting for our completion certificate now how long did yours take?
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