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Post by doublemummy » Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:36 pm
Hi there
In May of this year the six years was up, and the iva I took out in 2012 was off my credit file.
I have been offered a decent deposit for a house from my parents and I am trying to get on the property ladder.
I have had a decision in principle from a lender (through a broker) and tomorrow I am meeting my broker to submit an application.
I am so anxious.. .. reading some other forums about d.i.p being declined at application stage etc... I suppose I just worry the iva will live on and on, and I won't be able to get a mortgage.
Any words of wisdom (or should I just open the red wine and try and put it out of my mind!!)


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Post by Foggy » Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:49 pm
As long as your broker understands adverse credit and the effects of an IVA -- and has access to sympathetic lenders, you should be OK. But, yes, we have seen D.I.Ps rejected at the last hurdle when dealt with by less than knowledgeable brokers. Fingers crossed for you -- personally I would get out the wine anyway :-)
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Post by luluj » Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:37 am
If for any reason you need to speak with brokers experienced in helping those with past iva's the forum has two that come highly recommended in Ryan and or Shaun. Good luck and I hope it all goes to plan for you.
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Post by kallis3 » Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:38 am
Fingers crossed! As Luluj suggests you could always speak to Ryan or Shaun.
Sharing from experiences of dealing with debt
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