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by TobyM » Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:25 pm
Myself and my wife are on month 68 of my IVA as of June 16 will have another year to go (Modification on IVA) Equity as been addressed already.

We pay £670 a month we have kept our heads down not missed any payments or had any payment breaks and have fully cooperated and had no hassles

So lately we have had some ups and downs but are managing to keep going
1) Boiler after many repairs now needs replacing (finally gave up in November) we are using electric heaters and boiling water down stairs but this is driving my energy costs up. We bought the house as a repossession 8 years ago and then a little while later entered in to the IVA there is no insulation or cavity wall so its a struggle keeping the house warm.

2) We both lost our Dads in 2016 one in September and one in December luckily a good friend paid the costs (I owe her about 9k they where simple funerals nothing extravagant) she was happy to wait till the IVA was over but now her husband is out of work she is asking for £200 which I think is more than acceptable

3) My wife is currently going through a management restructure which could lead to deployment to another store downgrade in position or redundancy (Morrison's)

4) I now have to be in work earlier (railway) I was using a train season ticket but now have to drive due to the trains not running earlier enough which will mean paying the congestion charge and the majors emission charge as I drive a old car they alone will be £400 a month that's without petrol (my season ticket only costs 225 a month)

Six years will be up in June my worry is the additional year as my costs are going to go up and potentially wages go down.

Would the reasons above warrant a Final offer for the last year? it would work out £8040 for the last 12 months a good work friend has offered me £4000 and is quite alright about paying it back when I can

Just seeing if its worth me offering this or just trying to carry on (I really don't want any breaks or extensions if I can help it and I really need to start getting my boiler sorted and funeral costs paid back)

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by Foggy » Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:36 pm
In the circumstances it is certainly worth having a chat with your IP about the F&F offer -- it is in no-one's interests to allow the arrangement to fail at this late stage due to being unable to keep up the payments and you have been bending over backwards to keep things going.
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