Marriage Tax Allowance

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Post by Waitingforship » Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:38 am
I've just had a MSE Email come through and there is a very useful article detailing how to claim Marriage Tax Allowance. Basically if you or your partner (married or civil partnership) earn less than £11500 per year and the other partner pay basic tax I.e. Earn less than £43,000 per year, then the partner with the lower income can transfer some of their allowance to the other. The best part is it's back-datable. By my reckoning I should be eligible for £230 Allowance this year. This will be paid by adjusting my tax code. I should also receive cheques for £212 and £220 for the two previous years. This will mean cheques totalling £432 which should be mine to keep as they should come under the < £500 windfall clause in my IVA.

I thought I'd share as others here may well be eligible. 2 min application process to claim online at the website.

It's the lower earner that needs to claim. Good luck.
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