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Can anyone offer any advice on this please as I am starting to get a little worried. When I took out my IVA a few months ago they worked out my average monthly wage based on last years P60 because each month my wage differs. I am employed on an 'as and when needed basis' and last year due to staff illness, training and the nature of the business it meant that during the Summer I earnt quite well (although the Autumn/Winter/Spring was very lean!) which is why they did an average. However, although I have been turning down the work recently so as to not go over this average each month my boss is starting to get a little peeved. Do I just accept the work and hope that at the end of the year, and at my annual review, it will level out again as previously and therefore my monthly wage will not be over the 10% rule? I'm afraid that if I have gone over the 10% that they will ask for the money there and then.

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If you do earn over the stated amount on the IVA the money is normally paid within 14 days and not at the review stage. However, if there are months that you do not earn the amount listed in the IVA you could claim set off but you would need to discuss this with your IP who will have the full facts of your case.
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