My Iva was completed over 6yrs ago

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Post by laraine725 » Sat Dec 05, 2020 8:55 pm
My Iva was completed over 6yrs ago have just been awarded a 3000 settlement for miss old ppi this has gone to Iva company which is now a different company than the company I dealt with. This money would have made a massive difference to me in the current climate. Should I have not received it given the length of time Iva was completed ??


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Post by Foggy » Sat Dec 05, 2020 9:05 pm
PPI from the time of the IVA belongs to the creditors regardless of how long ago the IVA completed. This was confirmed in a recent court battle. If the IP cannot get the records for any reason, to my mind, they are then unable to share it among creditors and it should be returned to the debtor. I suspect that some firms are either holding funds in suspense accounts which belong to the debtor or, dare I say it, 'absorbing' the funds themselves.
I have yet to see a post confirming that these post completion PPI refunds are being fully accounted for with a revised Final Account being issued.
My opinions are merely that .. opinions based on experience. Always seek professional advice.
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